Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A selection of Team 5 students were lucky enough to experience Waitangi during Term 3.

Before the trip, students researched the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. They brainstormed ideas of what they wanted to film while up in the Bay of Islands and it was decided to create a mini-documentary about the signing of the Treaty.

One of the highlights for our students was the fact that they got to walk in the footsteps of many of our ancestors.  It was an amazing experience for them indeed!

Many hours were spent writing scripts, choosing actors, collecting costumes, thinking about film shots, shooting, editing, creating voice-overs etc.  This is their entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013.   Introducing... 'Waitangi'

Waitangi Room 19 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

A special thanks to Mrs Lagitupu who organised students to put this movie together.


  1. Kia ora 'Waitangi' student,

    Your was interesting an fun to watch. I like that you showed the message clearly with good features. My favourite part was when the english men decided to have an agreement with the 'maaaooorriii's' haha. Did you enjoy filming and progressing the movie? Keep it up.

    1. A copy with editing though.

      Kia ora 'Waitangi' student,

      Your movie was interesting and fun to watch. I like that you showed the message clearly with good features. My favourite part was when the english men decided to have an agreement with the 'maaaooorriii's' haha. Did you enjoy filming and progressing the movie? Keep it up.

  2. Hello Room 19,

    Your movie was so fantastic! I loved every single scene of that movie. One of the reasons I love this movie is the range of shots you took. The setting was very suited to the movie. Overall I just like your guys movie, it's awesome!!

  3. Hi Room 19,

    That movie was awesome! I liked the how the camera shots were really good. The acting in the movie was really good as well. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Room 19,
    I really like your movie because it gave me some informations about Maori people and it was also really interesting to watch. I love the acting keep up the great work.

    From Mele

  5. Hey Room 19 and Miss Tito you guys produced a really great movie. I loved watching it on the big screen yesterday. I hope you guys produce another movie to finish off the year. Keep up the good work.

  6. This Is A Great Movie... Room 19 Keep Up The Good Work

  7. Hi room 19
    your movie was really cool hope you had fun making it great work keep it up

  8. Hi room 19
    It me Eleva I really like it keep up the great work and do not give up.

  9. I am new to New Zealand and I am reading a book, The Story of a Treaty, by Claudia Orange. Your movie made the story come to life. I liked your factual content and that you filmed on location. My favorite shots were the ones where someone was filming from above the trees and the one in the dining room where the signing of the Treaty was being discussed over tea. I think you had a silent partner who wasn't eating, drinking, or talking. Your team did some nice work!

  10. Hello, you made a beautiful movie.

  11. Hey Room 19

    Your movie was wonderful

  12. Hi room 19 like the movie you did keep up the good work

  13. Hello. Your movie about the Waitangi was amazing. The scenery was just really fantastic. Would you like to make another movie like this in the future?

  14. Hello room 19,

    Watching your movie was so interesting. The part I enjoyed watching about movie was when the England and New Zealand came to peace. What do you think was the hardest part creating your movie?

  15. Kiaoro Room 19 and Ms Tito. Thought your movie, 'Waitangi, was absolutely super. Hope you are going great and looking forward to your Christmas break.
    Mr Harris.

  16. Excellent movie! I am beginning to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi and this video was really informative and easy to understand!

  17. A group of us are coming to Pt England School from Pacific University in Oregon in May of this year to work in the classrooms. To get ready for our trip, we have been reading about the Treaty of Waitangi. We found your video very helpful in understanding the historical signficance of this treaty. We were also really impressed with the quality of your video. We look forward to coming in May to Pt England School in person!


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