Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vaha's Quiz

As part of our studies about ‘Mighty Teen Mariners’ our class is looking at the Multiple Intelligences. We used our interpersonal intelligence and we put together a little quiz for you. We are looking at Blooms Taxonomy also and have shown our understanding of what we have learnt by ‘Creating’ the quiz.
Why don’t you check it out because you might even learn something new from these questions. You can answer the questions in the comments box and we’ll let you know if you answered correctly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Multiple Intelligence Challenge

As you can see this is just a little snippet of the Famous Mighty teen Mariner, Jesse Martins voyage.
We were given a time limit of only 1 hour and 50mins to complete our task.
Ms T taught us about the Multiple intelligences. We chose two of them, which was Visual/spatial, that involves art and Musical/rhythmical.
We used hyperstudio to create our animation and we edited using Imovie. We also created a soundscape using garageband for our amazing background music.