Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cooking With Mrs Richards

This wonderful movie was filmed by Vaha and produced by Ngaina.  A special thank you to Mrs Richards for sharing her Cantonese culinary skills.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grant Fox Facts by Awhina

Grant James Fox was born 6th of June 1962 in New Plymouth. He is part of the New Zealand rugby union and played for the All Blacks. He is not just a rugby player he is also a soccer player.  He was educated at the University of Auckland and Auckland Grammar School. During his time with the All Blacks from 1985-1993, he wore the number 10 jersey and he was the main goal kicker. He scored 654 Points from 46 All Black test matches.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tule's Post about Blackout Day!

This is us dressed in black to support the All Blacks for the rugby world cup.....


Thursday, September 8, 2011

We are the Champions my friends...!

“Do you have NZ champions in your school?” We do! Our Yr 8 Boys Rugby Sevens team travelled to Tauranga to compete in the 2011 Aims Games. We won the Rugby Sevens competition. We played 12 games and won them all. For winning this tournament we received the 2011 Rugby Sevens Champions Cup along with first place medals. There were also 6 players from our team that made the Aims Games Tournament team. The Tournament team has 12 players in it. The players were chosen from 32 different teams. Here is a movie that we have put together to show you some High-Lights from our week. Posted by Raven & Charm (Players AND selected Aims Games Tournament Team members)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beni's Multiple Intelligence Test Results

This week Room 22 have been learning about the Multiple Intelligences.  Ms T showed us a site that showed us what weaknesses and strengths we have.  My main strengths are: Music smart, people smart and body smart. My weaknessess are Nature and picture smart, word smart, number smart and Myself smart, those are the main things I will be working on.

Teari's Post about our NZ CHAMPIONS.

This morning our school Pt England welcomed back our year 8 boys who went down to Tauranga to play Rugby Sevens.

They left on Sunday the 28th of August and they arrived back here in Auckland on Friday night on the 2nd of September as the New Zealands Champions.

As we heard the updates at the end of their games we were extremely happy because all the updates that we received were very good. They won every game that they played.

Royal Oak Intermediate were the National Champions (from last year) and our team challenged them in the Grand Finals. When we heard that they were challenging the champions we were really happy and we were hoping that Pt England would win. After the game finished we heard that they had beaten Royal Oak and the score was 31 - 5 to us.

So there it is, Pt England year 8 Sevens Rugby Team are the New Zealand National Champions.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Etta's Tuakana/Teina movie.

Every Thursday afternoons Room 22 (Yr 7 & 8 Class) and Room 7 (Year 2 class) come together in the library for Tuakana Teina Reading. Tuakana means Big brother/sister and Teina means little bother/sister. We were put into pairs with the juniors. There are a number of reasons why we do this.  The main reason is to work with the younger kids so they become whanau (family) and the second reason is so we (us seniors and juniors) get better at reading.  We have turns at reading to each other and it's alot of fun.  You should try it, maybe you have a junior class or senior class that you would like to start a Tuakana/Teina Reading programme.  It's for 1/2 an hour each week and we love it!

Reporter & Producer: Etta Manase

Monday, September 5, 2011

Term 3 2011 - Keep your eye on the ball!

Kia ora koutou katoa and Welcome to Term 3.  We are all really excited about this term because of the Rugby World Cup.  Our inquiry this term is based around "Keeping our eye on the Ball"  This means we are focussing on identifying some of the attributes of champions and doing some inquiry around the 20 nations involved in the World Cup.  Watch this space!