Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet some of the Year 7's

Well, here we are in week two. The students have settled in nicely to the rountines of being a senior student (again) at Pt England School. To kick off our year I asked the students to introduce themselves and share their thoughts on being a Year 7 student. They were also happy to share with you one goal (of many) that they will be striving to achieve throughout the year. Enjoy our wonderful Year 7's.


  1. Wow, we are really impressed with your goals. We are a Year 7 and 8 Digital classroom in Palmerston North. We would love to send you some emails or skype you to share our learning experiences together. Please check out our classroom blog. http://room22.roslyn.school.nz/
    From Room 22 Digi Donuts - Roslyn School

  2. Wow great to hear that you have had a great start to the year.
    my name is suli and i am from Roslyn school Palmerston north and i'm from room 22/Digi donuts.
    great to hear that you are becoming a digital classroom and look forward to hear some more from you.

  3. Thank you for our comment back. Could you please ask your teacher to email our teacher so we can email all of you. Our teachers email is kmgorrie@roslyn.school.nz.

    Thanks Room 22 - Digi Donuts


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