Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog of the week

Tomjoe's Blog is my (Ms T's) choice for blog of the week. He was the first student to chose a new 'bling' or background for his blog and has a number of people from all over the world checking out his posts. It helps to have whanau or family spread around various parts of the world too - read some of his comments from family members and feel free to leave one yourself. The competition is fierce with Feki 'blinging' his blog today :) Click on the link 'Blog of the week' to check out Tomjoes interests etc. I loved the Avatar theme he chose - Great movie! Oh by the way, students are encouraged to post regularly and get to 'bling' their blog and add 'extras' to their blog to personalise them.

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  1. I do agree that Tomjoe has made a great start to his blogging this year. And full marks to his very supportive whanau! I also love the Avatar skin. He was lucky they created that just in time for him to use it. Keep up the fantastic blogging Room 19. Mrs Burt


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