Friday, April 23, 2010

Student Reflections

The students were asked to reflect on a number of things related to creating their DLO. This is the same group that has their movies and rubric posted below. Here's what they had to say...

They also had to think about what they would do differently next time, how they could use 'new' information/knowledge in real life situations or future classroom situations, were they given enough time to complete their DLO?

Keep an eye out for their new 'full reflection' posts where each student will individually answer each reflection question.

Tracey, Feki, Mauina, Vaha and Ngaina.


  1. This is a fantastic idea Room 19. I have really enjoyed being given a glimpse of the wonderful work going on in your room from your movie, through to your rubric and now your thoughtful reflections. I can tell that you are going to make amazing progress this year with your learning - AND you look like you are having lots of fun there :) Keep it up. Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Room 19, You have an awesome moive because you gave us lots of information about you and you stood and said it nicely. By Serena and Makalita

  3. Hi Feki,Vaha,Mauina,Tracy and Ngaina
    I liked watching your movie about your reflection.
    I wonder if you could please teach me how to reflect sometime?

    From Sela


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