Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teari's Post about our NZ CHAMPIONS.

This morning our school Pt England welcomed back our year 8 boys who went down to Tauranga to play Rugby Sevens.

They left on Sunday the 28th of August and they arrived back here in Auckland on Friday night on the 2nd of September as the New Zealands Champions.

As we heard the updates at the end of their games we were extremely happy because all the updates that we received were very good. They won every game that they played.

Royal Oak Intermediate were the National Champions (from last year) and our team challenged them in the Grand Finals. When we heard that they were challenging the champions we were really happy and we were hoping that Pt England would win. After the game finished we heard that they had beaten Royal Oak and the score was 31 - 5 to us.

So there it is, Pt England year 8 Sevens Rugby Team are the New Zealand National Champions.


  1. Malo E Lelei,
    I Like the picture of the RUGBY 7'S BOY'S and MRS VA'AFUSUANGA and including the GOLGEN CHROPHY and all of those GOLDEN NEACKILESES



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