Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New whanau for Room 19 and PES

We have a new student in our class.  I asked him to share something with us about his new class and school.  We are lucky because he is another student who is fluent in Samoan... Yay another clever bi-lingual student.  Heres what he wrote:

olu igoa o ieremus ou te sau mai samoa. olu faiaoga igoa o mstito e lelei ma tou faiaoga e sosoani
i mato e manaia le aoga. fafetai mo ms tito.

My name is Ieremus.  I come from Samoa.  My teachers name is Ms Tito.  She is a good teacher.  I am happy that she helps us.  I love this school.  Thank you Ms Tito.


  1. Talofa Ieremus and welcome to Pt England!

    Great to see a new face up in the Senior School. You are fantastic for posting a message in your mother tongue (Samoan) and for leaving a translation so that the rest of us can read it.

    Thank you for doing a great job of picking up Tom from Room 23. (He said that you were his brother!)

    You are very lucky to be in Ms Titos class.
    All the best.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  2. Malo lava Ieremus. Ua manaia fo'i ua maua sou avanoa ete tusitala ai i luga o lenei auala fou. Ua talanoa mai lou faiaoga e ui i lou tama lelei. To'aga e fai fa'alelei ou mea aoga. Fesoasoani i lou faiaoga i so'o se auala e te mafaia. O mea uma lava ia e ta'u lelei a 'ai oe, lou aiga ae maise ai si o tatou atunu'u o Samoa. Malo lava.
    O Mrs Tele'a

  3. Hi room 19

    It's really cool having new student at our school and seeing what he can do to make our school proud.Also it's great that he is a samoan because there are lot's of ilander at our school that he can get along with.



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