Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today is Netbook day!

We thought this day would never arrive.  The students of Room 19 received their Netbooks yesterday and spent the last part of the afternoon labelling and doing initial log-ins on their very own netbook (well, I should say loan netbooks until the end of the year).

This morning after Karakia, Mihimihi and Himene the students had their first 'play' with their netbooks.  The classroom was filled with excitment and there was a definite buzz of activity throughout the morning block.  There were moments of excited "Oooooooooooh's" and frustrated "Awwwwwwwww's" as students worked through the basics and setting up process.

I managed to capture a few moments via video and photographs in between supporting students.  Take a look at a snippet of our 'Netbook' morning.


  1. You guys are soo lucky! All the children can't wait to be in Year 5 so they can have their own netbooks too. We can't wait to hear and see what cool things you will be doing on them.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 10

  2. Awwwww how neat is this!! The day has come! I'm so excited for you Room 19 and 20. I loved watching your snippets here and especially the last bit where Henry gives a few tips. I heard that you didn't want to get off your netbooks the other afternoon because you wanted to keep writing. Tino pai to mahi tamariki! Malo lava. I will definitely be watching this space.
    Mrs Tele'a


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