Friday, June 17, 2011

Ben's Birthday Wooohooooo!

My name is Benjamin and I am in Room 22. Guess what? Its my Birthday today because it is  Friday the 17th June 2011. When I get home me and my mum is going to go shopping  at pack n save. We are going to have chips and fizzy drink for Dinner to night. I am  12 years old today. I love being in Pt England school.

Its my birthday today and its also Miracles birthday too. He wore a black wig and a purple necklace.
we both stood up on the chair and my teacher played the song happy birthday. We both laughed with joy and I can’t wait until after school.


  1. Ki Ora room 22,
    I like those two pictures you put on your blog.The two people that is standing up looks so funny.

  2. Heey Ben....
    Todays August the 11th and its my cousins birthday after school weer going to have a massive party. Were going to have tons and tons of lollies and Drinks. Its going to be great.
    Keep Up The Good Work :)


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