Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vaha's Post - Netball

On Thursday the 5th of May, Room 22 had their very first netball session with one of the netball helpers called Emma. We have it every Thursday after lunch from 2 o'clock to 2.40 at our school netball court outside the stuff room.

Our first netball session, we did a whole lot of dynamic stretches. We did bum flicks, high knees and also the grapevine. After learning all these dynamic stretches I can now use them when I’m getting ready for my netball game or when I’m training.

To finsh of our session we had a good game of corner ball.  Corner ball is smiliar to netball but instead of 7 players we split into two teams of 16 players. Also to score a goal, a player from each team had to jump into the corner that was surrounded by small cones and catch the ball. The game was fun and it also went well.

Our session went well and I also enjoyed it.  I really can’t wait for our next session.


  1. Hi Vaha

    What a cool story about Netball . I really enjoyed reading it and coooool pitcher .

    You rock . Keep up the good work Vaha .

  2. Hi Vaha
    It sounds like you really enjoyed having netball sessions with Emma and also learnt a lot of new stuff from it. Hope to see more post from you.

    From BobbiGrace


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